What are the effective techniques for fishing crucian carp in winter?

A kind of love fish has different hearts. In winter wild fishing, there are few freshwater fish that are easy to open. Crucian carp is one of the many freshwater fish that can still open well. Therefore, fishing friends go out fishing in winter, mainly fishing for crucian carp. So, what are the useful methods for fishing crucian carp in winter? Below are four very effective techniques for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

First: choose the right time. In winter fishing, the time for fish to open is relatively short every day, mainly at noon and afternoon when the temperature is relatively high, so anglers should try to fish at noon and afternoon. In addition, changes in winter weather have a great impact on fish mouths. If you want to catch fish, anglers should try their best to fish in continuous and stable weather.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

Second: look for fish nests. In winter, due to the low water temperature, crucian carp has a small range of activity, and it often hides in a certain area at the bottom of the water in clusters. It is particularly important to find fish nests for crucian carp. In winter, crucian carp like to hide in areas with a lot of aquatic plants and dead branches. If there is a slow current and gentle slope nearby, it is an excellent location for crucian fishing, because this kind of location has sufficient food and oxygen, which is the favorite place for crucian carp to gather. place.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

Third: Playing nests to lure fish. Once you find a fish nest, you have to lure the fish to the fishing spot so that the fish can eat bait in the fishing spot. This needs to be achieved through nesting. There are three main methods of nesting in wild fishing for crucian carp: one is to nest with rice wine; the other is to nest with sand artillery; and the third is to directly draw the nest with bait. The three methods of nesting have various advantages and disadvantages. Anglers should choose the type of nesting material according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, in winter wild fishing for crucian carp, the north is mainly used to make nests with rice and wine, and the main is to pull bait and draw nests in the south.

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Fourth: bait selection. In winter wild fishing for crucian carp, there are two main types of bait used for hooking, one is pull bait and the other is live bait. Pull bait can be divided into pure pasta bait and pasta plus red worm bait; live bait can be divided into two types: earthworm and bloodworm. In winter fishing for crucian carp in the north, the best fishing effect is with the bloodworm hook. In the southern region, you can use the corresponding bait according to the actual temperature.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

In summary, these are the four core points of winter fishing for crucian carp. If anglers can integrate them and use them flexibly, they can achieve better fishing results. No matter what kind of nest material is used, small fishing drugs are also indispensable, especially powerful food-promoting small fishing drugs, such as Fuyu Xiangdopa salt and fish alfa, one to promote hunger, and the other to enhance fish’s vitality , Two-pronged approach, excellent effect, specific usage and dosage can refer to the formula below.