TSMC’s first 2nm plant is expected to be put into production by the end of 2024

According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily”, TSMC’s 2nm plant construction plan related environmental review documents have been submitted for review, and strive to pass the environmental assessment in the first half of next year, and then hand over the site to build the factory. The first phase of the factory is expected to be put into production before the end of 2024.

At the end of last year, TSMC officially proposed a plan to expand the Zhongke plant, with a plant area of nearly 95 hectares, a total investment of NT$800 billion to NT$1 trillion, and 4,500 jobs can be created in the initial stage.

According to the TSMC supply chain, buy ios installs based on the scale of investment and the area of nearly 100 hectares of land to set up factories, in addition to planning a 2nm factory in Zhongke, the subsequent 1nm factory may also be located here.

The industry estimates that TSMC’s 2nm trial production time point will be as early as 2024, and mass production will begin in 2025, after which it will enter 1nm and subsequent newer generations of “Amy” processes. IT House has learned that TSMC President Wei Zhejia said at the Fare Conference held on April 14 that TSMC’s 2nm is expected to be the most mature and suitable technology to support customer growth, with the goal of mass production in 2025.






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