Do you know these 6 types of formal men’s shoes?

First, we’ll discuss the part you need to check, which is how to determine the quality of dress shoes? Then, we’ll discuss the different styles of dress shoes, and common sense to wear them.

Premium dress shoes

It can be difficult for the untrained person to judge whether a pair of dress shoes is of good, bad or impeccable quality. Fortunately, we’ve listed four main sections for your reference to determine its quality:

Stitching: This is one of the things that is often missed when examining dress shoes. The best dress shoes are so neatly sewn that there are few imperfections. If you notice any irregularities or alignment issues with the stitching, that’s a sign that the shoe couldn’t have been crafted.

Lining: If you use synthetic leather for the lining of your dress shoes, you can easily feel it. If the above materials are used, then it is best not to buy that kind of shoes. High-quality dress shoes have a natural leather lining.
Leather: The part that everyone will notice, basically your entire upper. First, it has to be genuine leather, which not only looks good in texture, but can be easily repaired many times during use.

Sole: The material of this part of the sole can vary, from rubber, wood to leather. Its construction and arrangement will tell you the quality of the shoe. The sole can be glued or stitched.

Every gentleman knows all about different types of dress shoes, but not every dress shoe is the same. While they may seem like a shoe that can be paired with a variety of formal or smart casual looks, you have to know that this is not always the case. Here are the 6 most popular shoe styles:

  1. Derby shoes (DERBY)

A key feature of the Derby is its open lace design. what does that mean? The underside of open lace is open; the stitches do not meet as they run down the underside of the face. This type of design adds a touch of sophistication while retaining the simplicity of the overall shoe.

Generally, Derbys come in a wide variety of colors, from dark red to brown. Of course, a suit and tie will go well with a derby, but this type of dress shoe also works perfectly with a blazer and jeans.


Broggs are one of the most gorgeous dress shoes. This decorative stitching is serrated and perforated for a timeless look and feel. Although the details are the loudest, the Brogue is one of the most flexible dress shoes. This can be paired with a tuxedo with a neat neckline shirt and chinos shorts.

  1. Oxford (OXFORDS)

Oxford shoes, the most common and formal dress shoes on the market. Its simplicity captures the essence of elegance and class. The Oxford is quite similar to the Derby, except that the bottom of the laces are closed and meet the upper. For other details, these may come with a cap toe design. It’s the ideal men’s business shoe and can also be great for formal events.


Very similar in design, construction and form to Oxfords, the main difference in Monks is that they do not use laces, but rather buckles and belts. While it may have a different face than a typical Oxford and Derby, it’s not less formal. Monks are perfect for those looking for a unique dress shoe design. Generally, they may have a single or double strap design.


In a more casual shoe design, the Chuca catches the eye with its two- or three-piece construction and a range of stylish material choices: calfskin, natural leather and suede. Those who own their own shoes will tell you how comfortable these dress shoes are. Chuca shoes can be worn with casual wear and suits or any formal occasion and are best paired with a suede suit.


Casual, cool, sleek loafers are somewhere between formal and casual. That’s what makes this dress shoe unique. They can be selected for many different environments. Best of all, it’s the easiest to put on and take off.

There are no buttons, no laces, and no lace, although it can be decorated with tassels or metal chains. What kind of environment defines your loafers will be what kind of socks you wear. For formal occasions, you can wear argyle socks or plain black.

  1. Design shoes (Design)

Not all shoes are made the same. You might notice that some have more detail than others, while others take your breath away with their clean and simple aesthetics. Fringe is a recurring design trend in casual shoes, fringe may seem like a superfluous addition to your shoes, but it adds a lot of personality to your dress shoes.

When you’re spending your money on dress shoes, it’s good to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. Having a couple of good pairs of dress shoes can give you more freedom to express and express your personality and style.

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