Intel expects to lose further market share to AMD by 2023

At the Evercore ISI TMT Summit, Intel admitted that it risks continuing to lose market share. In the latest report, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that he believes that AMD will continue to plunder the market share that originally belonged to Intel, and it is difficult to restore this trend in the short term.

During the talk, the Intel CEO talked about how the dramatic changes in the PC market have affected not only their business, but the business of other companies in the tech market. He went on to say that their own product execution contributed to unfavorable earnings last quarter, but that much of the change in outlook was driven by market conditions.

Since then, I think things are as we expected, or even worse. So we gave an expectation on the call that Intel has never done. We will always give you a number. This time, we have given a range that takes into account the uncertainty of the overall economy at the time. I said we had a trend towards the lower end of this quarter and full year range, right?

Overall, it’s worse than we forecast earlier this year, but still within the quarterly and yearly range. But life outside is really tough. Many OEMs are changing views and outlooks, channel inventory adjustments, and many economic issues to address.

As we said on the earnings call, we’re shipping below the end-market consumption rate right now, right? What we’re seeing is a build-up of inventory. I would say, it does give us the outlook for growth in the fourth quarter. We said Q2 and Q3 were the bottom. We still see growth in the fourth quarter as some inventory depletion begins to reverse. Overall, the fourth quarter was a better quarter. So all of that combined, we can say we’re in that range, but a little more modest than what we said at the beginning or on the second quarter call.

Basically, every other announcement is a confirmation of what we’ve said so far in the industry. With a few exceptions, there are very unique proprietary stances on short nodes and technologies, and everything else has only this one firm view.

Intel expects to lose further market share to AMD by 2023, aims to regain growth by 2025

When he talked about how the company sees AMD’s development, he said that competitors have done well, and while Intel is still at a process node/technology disadvantage (10nm vs. 5nm), the company is moving through the 2023 Emerald Rapids and Catch up with future products like Granite Rapids / Sierra Forest in 2024. He mentioned that the advantage of Sapphire Rapids lies in artificial intelligence. Sapphire Rapids is said to have better performance and power than AMD’s competition, but it’s not immediately obvious that his goal is to get a product out quickly that is not only better, but better than the competition.

However, it takes time to launch products, and Intel knows they will keep losing market share for a long time and throughout 2023 and even 2024. This is because AMD is putting more pressure in almost all areas. As a result, he expects Intel to be competitive until 2025 at the earliest, with the hope of reversing its declining share until 2026.

IT House learned that AMD has won share from Intel in the server market for 13 consecutive quarters, and its server market share has now reached 20.2%. That share could grow another 5 percent or more in the future, according to Intel’s calculations. A return to market strength will have to wait until 2024 for the Sierra Forest processors.

Finally, Pat Gelsinger emphasized that Intel will continue to withdraw from businesses that it believes have no room for growth, such as mobile modem chips and Optane. Internally, Intel is also appointing a new leadership group and preparing for a larger corporate restructuring that will place all of its projects under a coherent development approach under a new PLC model called Palladius.

New iPhone 14 / Pro to be released soon

Apple has announced that it will hold a “Far Out” special event at 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8. This time, the online conference is still used, and it is expected to bring new products such as the iPhone 14 / Pro series, Apple Watch Series 8, and the official version of iOS 16.

New iPhone 14/Pro products are about to be released, it is said that Apple will hold its first company-wide retail meeting in three years this weekend

Apple will hold a rare company-wide retail conference this weekend, its first in three years since the global pandemic crisis began, according to people familiar with the matter. It’s less than two weeks before Apple’s “Far Out” event for the iPhone 14/Pro and Apple Watch Series 8.

The meetings, scheduled to take place at Apple Stores across the U.S., are the first of their kind since the 2019 global crisis. Apple originally planned to hold a company-wide conference in spring 2020, which usually happens once or twice a year before the busy release season, but was canceled due to retail store closures and coronavirus lockdowns. Over the past few years, Apple has unveiled a company-wide retail strategy and “pump-up” team discussions aimed at getting employees ready for new product launches.

This year’s meeting, however, comes at a time when Apple’s internal tensions have targeted unionization, a factor that has not been present in the past few years. Apple has been stepping up its union-related talking points over the past few weeks, according to MacRumors. Last week, Apple Store leaders across the U.S. delivered some remarks in a coordinated effort to ease employee concerns.

IT House has learned that Apple is preparing to launch several new products in the coming weeks, including the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series, and the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple Store employees across the U.S. are tasked with preparing new merchandise materials over the next few weeks, often ahead of major new product releases. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the new iPhone 14 series will be available for pre-orders on Friday, September 9, and will go on sale on Friday, September 16.

TSMC’s first 2nm plant is expected to be put into production by the end of 2024

According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily”, TSMC’s 2nm plant construction plan related environmental review documents have been submitted for review, and strive to pass the environmental assessment in the first half of next year, and then hand over the site to build the factory. The first phase of the factory is expected to be put into production before the end of 2024.

At the end of last year, TSMC officially proposed a plan to expand the Zhongke plant, with a plant area of nearly 95 hectares, a total investment of NT$800 billion to NT$1 trillion, and 4,500 jobs can be created in the initial stage.

According to the TSMC supply chain, buy ios installs based on the scale of investment and the area of nearly 100 hectares of land to set up factories, in addition to planning a 2nm factory in Zhongke, the subsequent 1nm factory may also be located here.

The industry estimates that TSMC’s 2nm trial production time point will be as early as 2024, and mass production will begin in 2025, after which it will enter 1nm and subsequent newer generations of “Amy” processes. IT House has learned that TSMC President Wei Zhejia said at the Fare Conference held on April 14 that TSMC’s 2nm is expected to be the most mature and suitable technology to support customer growth, with the goal of mass production in 2025.

Do you know these 6 types of formal men’s shoes?

First, we’ll discuss the part you need to check, which is how to determine the quality of dress shoes? Then, we’ll discuss the different styles of dress shoes, and common sense to wear them.

Premium dress shoes

It can be difficult for the untrained person to judge whether a pair of dress shoes is of good, bad or impeccable quality. Fortunately, we’ve listed four main sections for your reference to determine its quality:

Stitching: This is one of the things that is often missed when examining dress shoes. The best dress shoes are so neatly sewn that there are few imperfections. If you notice any irregularities or alignment issues with the stitching, that’s a sign that the shoe couldn’t have been crafted.

Lining: If you use synthetic leather for the lining of your dress shoes, you can easily feel it. If the above materials are used, then it is best not to buy that kind of shoes. High-quality dress shoes have a natural leather lining.
Leather: The part that everyone will notice, basically your entire upper. First, it has to be genuine leather, which not only looks good in texture, but can be easily repaired many times during use.

Sole: The material of this part of the sole can vary, from rubber, wood to leather. Its construction and arrangement will tell you the quality of the shoe. The sole can be glued or stitched.

Every gentleman knows all about different types of dress shoes, but not every dress shoe is the same. While they may seem like a shoe that can be paired with a variety of formal or smart casual looks, you have to know that this is not always the case. Here are the 6 most popular shoe styles:

  1. Derby shoes (DERBY)

A key feature of the Derby is its open lace design. what does that mean? The underside of open lace is open; the stitches do not meet as they run down the underside of the face. This type of design adds a touch of sophistication while retaining the simplicity of the overall shoe.

Generally, Derbys come in a wide variety of colors, from dark red to brown. Of course, a suit and tie will go well with a derby, but this type of dress shoe also works perfectly with a blazer and jeans.


Broggs are one of the most gorgeous dress shoes. This decorative stitching is serrated and perforated for a timeless look and feel. Although the details are the loudest, the Brogue is one of the most flexible dress shoes. This can be paired with a tuxedo with a neat neckline shirt and chinos shorts.

  1. Oxford (OXFORDS)

Oxford shoes, the most common and formal dress shoes on the market. Its simplicity captures the essence of elegance and class. The Oxford is quite similar to the Derby, except that the bottom of the laces are closed and meet the upper. For other details, these may come with a cap toe design. It’s the ideal men’s business shoe and can also be great for formal events.


Very similar in design, construction and form to Oxfords, the main difference in Monks is that they do not use laces, but rather buckles and belts. While it may have a different face than a typical Oxford and Derby, it’s not less formal. Monks are perfect for those looking for a unique dress shoe design. Generally, they may have a single or double strap design.


In a more casual shoe design, the Chuca catches the eye with its two- or three-piece construction and a range of stylish material choices: calfskin, natural leather and suede. Those who own their own shoes will tell you how comfortable these dress shoes are. Chuca shoes can be worn with casual wear and suits or any formal occasion and are best paired with a suede suit.


Casual, cool, sleek loafers are somewhere between formal and casual. That’s what makes this dress shoe unique. They can be selected for many different environments. Best of all, it’s the easiest to put on and take off.

There are no buttons, no laces, and no lace, although it can be decorated with tassels or metal chains. What kind of environment defines your loafers will be what kind of socks you wear. For formal occasions, you can wear argyle socks or plain black.

  1. Design shoes (Design)

Not all shoes are made the same. You might notice that some have more detail than others, while others take your breath away with their clean and simple aesthetics. Fringe is a recurring design trend in casual shoes, fringe may seem like a superfluous addition to your shoes, but it adds a lot of personality to your dress shoes.

When you’re spending your money on dress shoes, it’s good to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. Having a couple of good pairs of dress shoes can give you more freedom to express and express your personality and style.

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The real reason Putin played a pussycat during the Trump presidency

Republicans have long had a toughness fetish. Going back to the early days of the Cold War, its flip side has been the insinuation that Democrats are weaklings ready to sell out the country to its enemies, with the GOP eager to serve proudly and unapologetically as America’s lone defenders abroad.
No one should be surprised that the script has already been updated to account for recent distressing events on the border separating Russia and Ukraine.
Late last week, conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt observed in a tweet that “the tyrant Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014 and will do so again in 2022 but did not do so between 2017 and 2020.” Without mentioning his name, Hewitt implied Putin became a pussycat because of Donald Trump’s steadfast leadership as president.
But wait — wasn’t Trump Putin’s lapdog for the entirety of his presidency, famously refusing to say anything remotely critical about him and even siding with Putin’s denial of Russian interference in the 2016 election against evidence provided by America’s own intelligence services?
No doubt realizing the absurdity of the claim, National Review‘s Rich Lowry (and others) leapt in a few days later to add a layer of nuance to the assertion. It’s not that Trump was tougher than President Biden, but that he was more erratic: “The sheer unpredictably of Trump, his anger at being defied or disrespected, his willingness to take the occasional big risk (the Soleimani strike), all had to make Putin frightened or wary of him in a way that he simply isn’t of Joe Biden.”
There may be some truth in this revision of the thesis. Trump was indeed volatile, impulsive, and capricious. It’s certainly possible that Putin feared a move against Ukraine could spark a massive military response from Trump.
But it’s far more likely he hoped for something very different. As Jonathan Last pointedly suggested on Tuesday in his newsletter for The Bulwark, Trump expressed his desire on numerous occasions for the United States to withdraw from NATO altogether. He did so while campaigning for president in 2016. He did so as president. And apparently, he even made clear to advisers he hoped to make it a reality after he won re-election in 2020.
Since such a withdrawal is Putin’s fondest wish, it makes far greater sense to suppose his relative restraint during the Trump presidency was a function of a reasonable expectation he might get everything he wanted without having to fire a shot. Only now, with a less … unorthodox American president in charge, has war become Putin’s only means of advancing his more immediate aim of ensuring NATO moves no closer to Russian territory.
Putin didn’t play nice guy from 2017 to 2020 because he was afraid of Donald Trump. He did so because he knew he had nothing to fear from the fanboy in the Oval Office.
Live stream of planes landing at Heathrow Airport during storm draws surprisingly big online crowd
Tensions between the U.S. and Russia just took their darkest turn yet
Watch a Clydesdale recover from injuries in Budweiser’s new Super Bowl ad
Peggy says when she met her husband, Steve, online, he “seemed like a man of integrity.” She says six months later, she moved across the country to be with him, and the couple says they had a lot of fun together. “I loved him and I wanted to be in his life, so we got married. He’s never consummated our marriage,” Peggy says. Then, she says that after two years, Steve announced that he didn’t love her and did not want to love her. “I just didn’t understand what I could have possibly done. That was the first time that I asked him to leave our home. I was devastated. It’s, like, I’m not Miss America, but I ain’t a dog, either.” Peggy says their sexless marriage isn’t their only issue. Hear what else she claims about her husband in the video above. And, why does she say she has stayed married to Steve? On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “‘My Lying Husband Refuses to Consummate Our 13-Year Marriage,'” hear what Steve says about his wife – and their marriage. Plus,0223 Dr. Phil and Robin have a serious conversation with the couple about their behavior toward one another. Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: ‘My Only Tool To Hurt Him Like He Hurts Me Is With My Mouth,’ Says Woman About Way She Speaks To Husband TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil’s Help?
Melissa A. Blair, of Englewood, Tennessee, is accused of having sexual encounters with nine high school boys for more than a year, authorities say.
In a recent interview, Scott Eastwood revealed that his father, the legendary actor Clint Eastwood…
Draya Michele had online users going gaga over her recently posted bikini pictures on social media.
Martin Hyde threatened the job of a police officer who said she’d pulled him over for speeding and using his phone while driving.
On Wednesday, the Biden administration said it will set aside $450 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law this year towards accomplishing one goal: unclogging U.S. ports.
THE MONEYIST Dear Quentin, Last September, my older brother took his own life after living with depression. My brother misused alcohol as well. I moved away in my mid-20s, which allowed me to grow and learn and be an adult.
Just hours after eating leftover rice, chicken and lo mein from a restaurant, a Massachusetts student was in the hospital with meningococcal disease.
Police believe that a groggy Bob Saget regained consciousness and stumbled into bed, where he again lost consciousness and died
Kenya’s ambassador to the UN, Michael Kimani, compares situation involving Russia, Ukraine, Donetsk, and Luhansk to colonialism in Africa.
Truckers started an 11-day journey from California to Washington, DC, on Wednesday, hoping to emulate Canadian protesters and attract supporters along the way.View Entire Post ›
Black holes could be a hologram. In fact, the entire universe could be a hologram. At least, that’s one part of the idea behind a recent study published in the journal PRX Quantum. The study is a deeper look at what’s inside a black hole. It’s also an attempt to better understand the idea of … The post Astronomers discovered what’s inside a black hole for the first time ever appeared first on BGR.
David and Victoria Beckham’s youngest son’s first magazine cover is raising red flags online.
Most Russians view Ukraine as part of Russia. That may explain why many of them support military action against Ukraine, which they see as a necessary response to Western meddling.
The late-night host points out what “we sometimes forget” about the former president.
NEW YORK — When the first news reports of Russian troop movements began to appear in the Ukrainian media a few months ago, Vironika Giacchi, who manages a jewelry store in Manhattan, enrolled in a first aid class near her home in Staten Island. If Russia mounts a full-scale invasion, she said, she will return to Ukraine and volunteer as a nurse. “I love Ukraine, it’s my country, and if there’s a need to defend it, I would definitely go back.” New York City is home to more than 150,000 Ukrainians
Biden is preparing Americans for higher energy prices and other collateral damage from the west’s confrontation with Russia over Ukraine. Don’t expect Americans to like it.
Two prosecutors leading the criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and his family real estate business have resigned, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said, casting doubt about the likelihood the former president would face any criminal charges. Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz submitted their resignations to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who inherited the Trump investigation from his predecessor, Cyrus Vance.
The bodybuilder and action star said he kept his cholesterol levels low with a mostly plant-based diet and an occasional steak.
“I was in survival mode.”View Entire Post ›

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Lisa Montgomery, a Kansan who cut a baby from a mother's womb, faces execution soon. Here is her story.

Lisa Montgomery, a Kansas native scheduled within days to become the first woman executed by the federal government in 67 years, lived a childhood so abusive her attorneys call it akin to torture.
She was beaten, repeatedly raped by her stepfather and his friends and sexually trafficked by her mother.
At 18, she married her stepbrother, who also beat and raped her. She had four children in less than four years before being sterilized. She lapsed increasingly into mental illness and repeatedly faked pregnancy.
But those who believe she should be put to death say her lifetime of horrors can’t excuse what came next: On Dec. 16, 2004, she loaded a steak knife, umbilical cord clamps and part of a clothesline into her car and drove 175 miles from her home in east-central Kansas to the northwest Missouri home of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, an expectant mother she had met at a dog show.
She strangled Stinnett to death and cut the baby from her stomach.
The baby girl survived, and Montgomery took her home and briefly passed her off as her own until investigators arrested her the next day.
Montgomery, 52, the only woman on federal death row, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Jan. 12 in the U.S. Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Ind. She has exhausted all legal options except a last-ditch appeal for clemency from President Donald Trump, which was filed Christmas Eve.
One of the lead investigators in the case, Randy Strong, wants Montgomery executed.
The cold, vicious, calculating and brutal nature of her crimes shows that Montgomery knew exactly what she was doing, Strong said.
“This was the act of a monster,” he said. “She needs to be put to death.”
In asking for mercy, her family members and attorneys say the untreated trauma she experienced as a child exacerbated her brain damage and her genetic disposition to severe mental illness, leading her to kill Stinnett during a psychotic episode — a dissociative state similar to sleepwalking.
The nature and circumstances of Montgomery’s crime show she had lost touch with reality, says her half-sister, Diane Mattingly.
Montgomery clearly should spend the rest of her life in prison, but she is not among the “worst of the worst” for whom the death penalty is intended, Mattingly told The Topeka Capital-Journal.
“She is the most broken of the broken,” Mattingly said.
Just the details: What you need to know about Montgomery and her victim, Bobbie Jo Stinnett
Mattingly, 57, recalled the day her half-sister was brought home in a pink bundle after being born Feb. 27, 1968, in Pierce County, Washington.
“When I squeezed her hand, she looked at me and smiled,” she said. “I fell in love immediately.”
Mattingly said she and Montgomery share the same father, John Patterson, a decorated Vietnam War veteran who never married Mattingly’s mother. He married Judy Shaughnessy, who would become Montgomery’s mother, in 1967 in Miami, Okla.
Patterson was the second of six husbands Shaughnessy would have during her life, which ended in 2013. Shaughnessy drank excessively during her pregnancy, causing brain damage to Montgomery, according to court records.
Mattingly and Montgomery were best friends. They slept in twin beds in a small bedroom and fell asleep most nights holding hands, Mattingly said. Patterson was transferred after Montgomery’s birth to Fort Riley in Kansas, where their family lived when another daughter was born in 1970.
Mattingly said Patterson was often away, and Shaughnessy became increasingly abusive toward them, at times forcing Mattingly to eat raw onions as punishment and go outdoors into the cold naked.
Shaughnessy also beat the girls with brooms and belts, Mattingly said.
Protecting her half-sister became her “sole purpose in life,” she said.
Mattingly said she shielded her half-sister from random baby-sitters, often older men, whom their mother left with them during her near-nightly outings to a local bar.
One of those men started coming into their bedroom and raping Mattingly regularly, Mattingly said.
“Little Lisa was in the bed next to mine every time,” she said.
Patterson and Shaughnessy divorced in 1971, and Shaughnessy took custody of the girls. Patterson made a mistake by abandoning them to “that crazy lady,” he said at Montgomery’s sentencing hearing in 2007.
The divorce left Shaughnessy no longer entitled to be Mattingly’s legal guardian. Mattingly was 8 years old and Montgomery was 4 when Mattingly was removed in 1972 from Shaughnessy’s mobile home at Ogden, a community of about 1,960 people in Riley County.

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Mattingly said her heart sank when she realized Montgomery wasn’t coming with her. Mattingly said she saw terror in her half-sister’s bright green eyes.
More: The U.S. has not executed a woman in 67 years. That could change in Terre Haute.
Her terror was well-founded, said Montgomery’s attorneys, Kelley Henry and Amy Harwell. Shaughnessy beat her children with belts, cords and hangers, put them in cold showers and put duct tape over Montgomery’s mouth to silence her, the attorneys said.
Shaughnessy forced Montgomery to have sex with men in exchange for money and services, and also punished her children by killing the family dog in front of them, smashing its head with a shovel, the attorneys said.
Shaughnessy in 1974 married her third husband, Jack Kleiner, a divorced father of five. Court records say Kleiner drank heavily, beat his wife and children, and made his daughters take off their clothes before he spanked them.
The family moved often. Montgomery lived during her childhood in Washington, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, California and Texas. Court records describe her as a quiet loner who spent a lot of time reading books.
When Montgomery was in her mid-teens, she was sexually assaulted by Kleiner and three or four of his friends, according to court records.
A sworn statement from David Kidwell Sr. — identified as being Montgomery’s cousin and a deputy sheriff — said she cried as she told him Kleiner and his friends on more than one occasion had raped her for hours, then “urinated on her like trash.”
“I live with regret for not speaking up about what happened to Lisa,” Kidwell said, adding that he “just didn’t know what to do.”
Kleiner and Shaughnessy divorced in 1985, with Shaughnessy contending she once walked in on Kleiner and Montgomery having sex. The judge reached no conclusion about whether sexual activity occurred but said he considered it “inexcusable” that Shaughnessy didn’t report the situation to authorities and get counseling for Montgomery.
Kleiner told a reporter in 2005 that Shaughnessy’s allegation was made up to support her divorce case and he was never found guilty of anything.
“I never molested her in any way, shape or form,” said Kleiner, who died in 2009.
As Montgomery grew up, court records say, observers noticed that she increasingly appeared to be “spaced out,” “not emotionally present” or in “her own little world.”
Montgomery graduated in 1986 from high school at Cleveland, Okla., with hopes of joining the Air Force to earn money for college.
Meanwhile, her mother in 1985 had married Richard Boman, whose son — Montgomery’s stepbrother, Carl Boman — got Montgomery pregnant. They married in 1986.
Montgomery gave birth to three daughters and a son from 1987 to 1990, court records say.
Carl Boman wasn’t the father of one of the girls, according to court records, which say Montgomery was sterilized after the last birth in 1990.
Montgomery and Carl Boman divorced, remarried and divorced again in 1998.
A home video shows Carl Boman raping and beating Montgomery, said her half-brother, Teddy Kleiner, who gave a sworn statement saying he had seen it.
“It was violent and like a scene out of a horror movie,” he said. “My sister was crying and in pain. I felt sick watching the video. I didn’t know what to do or how to talk to my sister about it.”
Teddy Kleiner, the son of Shaughnessy and Jack Kleiner, was 45 years old when he was fatally shot in 2019 in North Topeka. The case was ruled a homicide and remains unsolved.
Montgomery’s family moved from place to place during her adult years, continuing the pattern she had known as a child. She lived at 61 addresses in the 36 years before she went to prison, court documents show.
Those records say questions were raised about her ability to function as an effective parent after her house was found to be “filthy,” her children were seen running naked in her yard and one of her daughters, then 2½ years old, ingested a bottle of Tylenol in 1993.
She moved in 1999 to Melvern, a town about 40 miles south of Topeka with 375 people today. She became involved with Kevin Montgomery, a divorced electrician with children of his own, and they married the following year.
Lisa Montgomery tried to get counseling the year before she killed Stinnett but wasn’t connected to a quality provider, her attorneys said.
She faked pregnancies several times during her marriages to Carl Boman and Kevin Montgomery, court records say.
In December 2004, Boman filed a court action seeking custody of two of their children who still lived with Montgomery while arguing that the pregnancy Montgomery was faking illustrated she was an unfit mother, according to newspaper accounts.
Montgomery contacted Stinnett, 23, after meeting her at a dog show earlier that year at Abilene, in north-central Kansas, where they posed with others in a photo.
Stinnett lived with her husband, Zeb, in Skidmore, Mo., a town near the state’s northwest corner with fewer than 300 people today.
Montgomery and Stinnett participated in the “Ratter Chatter” online message board for rat terrier dog enthusiasts. Newspaper accounts show Montgomery had upset other users of that board by making false statements, including claiming to be pregnant.
Montgomery used the fake name of “Darlene Fischer” and the chilling email address of “[email protected]” as she set up a meeting with Stinnett, according to the charging affidavit in the case. Montgomery claimed to live in northwest Missouri.
Montgomery said she was seeking a dog for a Christmas gift. Stinnett’s husband was at work, and Stinnett was on the phone with her mother, Becky Harper, when Montgomery’s dirty red Toyota pulled up on the afternoon of Dec. 16.
“Oh, they’re here, I’ve got to go,” she said.
Randy Strong, one of the investigators who would later get Montgomery to confess, said she apparently used part of a clothesline to create a garrote, slipping it over Stinnett’s head from behind, probably as she was on her knees putting a puppy into a dog carrier.
Montgomery strangled Stinnett into unconsciousness, then sliced into her stomach with the steak knife, Strong said. Stinnett came to, grabbing at Montgomery’s knife and pulling out some hair before Montgomery strangled her to death.
Montgomery took Stinnett’s baby, clamped the umbilical cord and used baby wipes to clean her.
On the trip home, she stopped in Topeka and called her husband to say she had gone into labor while Christmas shopping and had given birth at a Topeka birthing center.
The next morning, Lisa and Kevin Montgomery showed off a newborn girl dressed in a pink bonnet as they ate breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe in downtown Melvern. They introduced her as their daughter, Abigail, and made multiple other stops.
The couple returned to their home near Melvern, which was being watched by investigators working to identify the woman who had told Stinnett she was Darlene Fischer.
Montgomery smelled like a “sour ashtray and body sweat” as Don Fritz and Randy Strong interrogated her on Dec. 17, 2004, Strong recalled.
Strong was a police detective in Maryville, Mo., 14 miles northeast of Skidmore, and Fritz was a detective at Cameron, also in northwest Missouri. They had been called in as part of the Northwest Missouri Major Case Squad, which was working with the FBI to identify Stinnett’s killer and find the missing child.
As Strong and other investigators were about to pull into the driveway of Montgomery’s house, he said, he learned via a phone call that the last email Stinnett received had come from that home. A herd of rat terriers greeted them.
“That sent a chill up my spine,” Strong said. “We knew we were walking into the killer’s house.”
Kevin Montgomery let investigators inside. As Strong crossed the threshold, he saw a TV set airing an Amber Alert about the abduction of Stinnett’s baby.
‘Let it be done’: Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s hometown waits as killer’s execution date nears
“I looked to my right and there was Lisa Montgomery on the sofa, holding the baby,” he said.
The infant — found later that day to weigh 5 pounds, 11 ounces — was “very still” and didn’t cry, which concerned Strong.
A former paramedic who had watched the births of all three of his children, Strong also considered the baby’s head to be unusually round. Babies born naturally tend to have misshapen heads initially because of the pressure experienced as they go through the birth canal, he said.
Strong said he and Fritz questioned Montgomery using a “good cop/bad cop” approach.
As Fritz patted Montgomery on the back of her hand, Strong said he noticed dried blood and tissue embedded beneath her fingernails. DNA testing later showed they were Stinnett’s.
Montgomery first claimed to have had the baby at a Topeka birthing center but began changing her story after investigators separated her from her husband and the infant, Strong said. Montgomery then said she had given birth at home with help from two female friends and, later, that she had given birth alone.
As long as she was given cigarettes, Montgomery continued to talk, Strong said. Eventually, Montgomery admitted she had acted alone in killing Stinnett and taking her baby.
Montgomery told investigators she was surprised at how nicely they had treated her, considering what she had done.
Authorities also questioned Kevin Montgomery but concluded he wasn’t involved. A newspaper article quoted him as saying he had been convinced his wife was pregnant and had given birth.
“I held that baby proudly,” he said.
The five investigators who went to Montgomery’s home that day recently began communicating with one another again, said Strong, who is now sheriff of Nodaway County, which includes Maryville and Skidmore.
In addition to Strong and Fritz, those investigators were FBI Special Agents Mike Miller and Scott Gentine and Topeka police officer Tom Glor. While all five are haunted by Stinnett’s murder, they are also “bonded for life,” Strong said.
He said he was “reduced to tears” when Zeb Stinnett sent him a message last month on the 16th anniversary of Montgomery’s arrest for the murder of his wife. His message contained a “very heartfelt thank you.”
Strong said he arranged for that message to be shared with the four others, “because we were all a part of that.”
Emotions ran high in 2007 as Montgomery was tried in federal court for kidnapping resulting in death. She pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
Defense attorney Fred Duchardt told jurors that sexual abuse during her childhood had caused Montgomery to become mentally ill and killed her soul.
Prosecutors said Montgomery was faking mental illness, noting that many people are sexually abused, but few go on to kill.
Montgomery suffered from pseudocyesis, the false belief she was pregnant, jurors heard from Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, director of the Center of Brain and Cognition at the University of California in San Diego.
Ramachandran said women who suffer childhood sexual abuse and whose minds revolve around babies and pregnancy are predisposed to suffering pseudocyesis, a condition in which they show physical symptoms of pregnancy, including enlargement of the breasts and stomach, morning sickness and cravings for certain foods.
Ramachandran said Montgomery told him she didn’t remember killing Stinnett or cutting the baby out of her body. He testified that Montgomery had been in a dissociative state, or “mental fog,” at the time.
Montgomery also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and major depression, jurors were told.
Jurors heard an audiotape of Harper, Stinnett’s mother, calling 911 after finding her body. Harper told a dispatcher her daughter’s womb appeared to have “exploded” and that blood was “everywhere.” Stinnett wasn’t breathing and was cold.
“God, no, please,” she said. “Come on, baby. Please, honey.”
At least five of the 12 jurors and three alternate jurors wiped away tears.
Prosecutors shared records showing Montgomery had visited a website featuring a video of a live C-section birth, described as lasting “from first cut to last stitch,” and had made a practice run by driving the roughly 350 miles from Melvern to Skidmore and back the day before the killing.
In closing arguments, assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Whitworth asked the jury to think about Stinnett’s daughter, Victoria Jo Stinnett.
“Every time she has a birthday, it will also be the anniversary of the slaughter of her mother,” Whitworth said. “Every year. For the rest of her life.”
The six-man, six-woman jury in October 2007 found Montgomery guilty and recommended she be executed. U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner upheld the jury’s recommendation the following April.
In recommending execution, the jury spelled out six aggravating factors supporting capital punishment. One was the presence of substantial planning and premeditation.
Randy Strong, who investigated the case, is unhappy that some people are asking that Montgomery’s life be spared. Montgomery is “evil personified,” he said.
“I don’t think people understand how bad this was,” Strong said.
He stressed that the jury heard testimony about her mental illness and her history of being abused, yet still unanimously recommended her execution.
“I have seen a lot of horrible things happen to women and children in my more than 40 years in law enforcement,” Strong said. But none of those other victims responded by killing a woman and cutting her baby out of her stomach, he said.
He also noted that after she confessed to killing Stinnett, she changed her story to contend the murder was committed by her half-brother Tommy Kleiner.
Kleiner, the son of Shaughnessy and Jack Kleiner, was meeting with a parole officer at the time of the killing, Strong said.
“That’s how evil this woman is,” Strong said. “She tried to throw her own brother under the bus for a crime that she committed.”
Tommy Kleiner and Montgomery have stayed in touch. He was being held in the Shawnee County Jail in 2018 when he filed a federal lawsuit contending the county was violating his constitutional rights by preventing him from sending letters to Montgomery.
“My sister is on death row,” Kleiner wrote in the lawsuit petition. “So my letters are important.”
Montgomery was represented briefly after her arrest by Ron Wurtz, a now-retired attorney who has represented dozens of capital case defendants. He said she stood out to the extent there appeared to be “something wrong” with her.
Though capital case defendants tend to be confused and stunned, those emotions were heightened with Montgomery, who had trouble responding to questions, Wurtz said.
“It was clear that she was traumatized, that she was somewhere else,” he said. “She was sick. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I can’t go any further than that.”
A longtime death penalty opponent, Wurtz said he considers it “idiotic” that Montgomery is to be executed.
“I can’t understand why they have to kill this woman, knowing her background and everything that happened,” he said.
Skidmore has suffered lasting effects as a result of Stinnett’s murder, said Strong, the investigator who helped prod Montgomery to confess. Residents there tend to think her execution would bring an appropriate end to a painful chapter in their city’s history, he said.
Residents of Melvern, where Montgomery lived, have been divided about whether she should pay for her crimes with her life, said Joe Warner, who was mayor of Melvern at the time of the murder.
“There was a lot of talk both ways on it,” he said when contacted by phone at his new home in Texas.
Warner said the killing had left Melvern residents “stunned.”
Today, residents are tired of Melvern being connected with Lisa Montgomery, said current Mayor Lyndon Weddle, who describes Melvern as a friendly rural community where people wave when they pass each other.
More: Who was the last woman executed by the US government? Another case with Missouri ties.
Weddle said she moved to Melvern when she retired nine years ago because she wanted peace and quiet after more than 30 years as a Topeka police officer.
She said Montgomery’s crimes have affected the way Melvern is perceived in the same manner anti-gay picketing by Westboro Baptist Church has influenced perceptions about Topeka.
Melvern residents want that perception to end, she said.
Lisa Montgomery has been held at the Carswell Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, for 12 years. She learned Oct. 16 that she had been scheduled to die by lethal injection on Dec. 8. When she called her attorneys that day, she could hardly speak.
“She was hyperventilating,” Henry said. “It was pretty awful.”
Montgomery’s execution date was subsequently bumped back to Jan. 12.
Henry said she was surprised to see Montgomery scheduled for execution so soon, considering 30 other inmates on federal death row were sentenced before her.
Henry stressed that no one faces a death sentence linked to the 16 other U.S. cases from 1987 to 2015 in which a woman has attacked a pregnant woman and her unborn child in an effort to take the child and ended up killing one or both.
Fourteen of those offenders are serving long prison sentences, while the two others died by suicide in custody, according to a list Henry provided.
Montgomery was put on suicide watch as soon as her execution date was set, Henry said, adding that Montgomery had previously attempted suicide but not since 2012.
“They put her on suicide watch to keep her from killing herself, so that they can execute her,” she said.
After previously being allowed contact with a limited number of inmates, Montgomery was moved to a solitary confinement cell at Carswell and kept there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Henry said.
To help keep her mind occupied, Henry said, Montgomery was initially given one crayon and one piece of paper, but nothing else.
Montgomery wasn’t allowed eyeglasses, though she is far-sighted and near-sighted, or a CPAP machine, which has been prescribed since 2015 for her sleep apnea, Henry said.
Montgomery’s number of crayons and pieces of paper has since been increased to 10 each. She is permitted Sudoku puzzles and coloring pages and one book at a time.
Henry said Montgomery was expected to be transferred by Jan. 10 to the penitentiary at Terre Haute, Ind., her designated place of execution.
As her attorneys fight for her life, Montgomery has at times seemed out of touch with reality, Henry said: Her mental illness causes her to disconnect when life becomes too terrible to endure.
That’s happened since Montgomery’s childhood, when the terror she experienced while being raped forced her to retreat emotionally into an imaginary house, where “everything is fine,” Henry said.
Her attorneys say that while Montgomery feels deep remorse for her crimes, her understanding of her situation waxes and wanes.
More: Why the fate of the only woman on federal death row hinges on these Tennessee attorneys and their health
“Lisa’s trauma was so severe that it compromised her neurological functioning and development,” they said in a written statement. “As a result, Lisa has trouble processing information and navigating social relationships. She struggles to maintain her own hygiene, loses focus during conversations with others and has trouble planning simple tasks.”
Henry said Montgomery seemed out of touch with reality when Henry and Harwell, who work in Tennessee, traveled by plane to visit her in October and early November at Fort Worth. Both became infected with COVID-19, believing it to be transmitted during the prison visit.
A federal judge in November postponed Montgomery’s execution from Dec. 8 until Jan. 12 to give her attorneys more time to file her clemency petition, after concluding that their COVID-19 symptoms limited their ability to file the petition.
Montgomery is worried that her fellow inmates will have trouble coping with her upcoming execution, said her friend Toby Dorr.
In a letter in late November written with a black crayon, Montgomery told Dorr that other inmates at Carswell took it “really hard” when her execution date was set.
Montgomery lamented that she couldn’t be present to console them because she was in solitary confinement, said Dorr, Montgomery’s friend since they met in a federal prison in 2006.
Dorr met Montgomery after being imprisoned for helping an inmate escape in 2006 as Dorr ran a dog training program for inmates at Lansing Correctional Facility in northeast Kansas.
Dorr’s marriage was failing when she fell in love with John Manard, a convicted murderer 21 years her junior. She helped him escape in a dog crate and went to prison after a vehicle chase 12 days later ended with their capture.
Dorr has since been released from prison and remarried. She lives near Kansas City, Mo.
A lifelong opponent of the death penalty, Dorr said she wants the world to know about Lisa Montgomery the person.
“Today the death penalty has a face — of my friend — and I just can’t be quiet about it,” she said.
Dorr said she and Montgomery were in the same pod, in which inmates may gather outside their cells, in 2006 and 2007 at Leavenworth Detention Center, a for-profit federal facility in northeast Kansas.
More: Lisa Montgomery’s execution, delayed by attorneys’ COVID-19 cases, rescheduled for Jan. 12
At that time, Montgomery was awaiting trial.
“The Lisa I knew was a good person who cared about the other women in the pod and was quiet and generous and kind,” Dorr said. “I think that side of Lisa needs to be out there.”
Other inmates tended to keep Montgomery at arm’s length because of the brutality of what she had done, Dorr said, but she liked Montgomery’s quiet nature.
“She seemed like a real person I could connect with and build a relationship with inside prison,” Dorr said.
Montgomery achieved considerable emotional growth once she was put in a stable environment where she felt safe and was receiving psychiatric medications for the first time, Dorr said.
Montgomery often read her Bible or did things with her hands, including writing, quilting, and making placemats and bookmarks, Dorr said.
Montgomery also talked about the abuse she had endured from her stepfather, Jack Kleiner, and the first of her two husbands, Carl Boman, Dorr said.
Montgomery’s second husband — Kevin Montgomery, who lives near Melvern and remains married to her — voiced support for her bid for clemency in a statement released through his wife’s attorneys.
“I support my wife and her request for clemency, but because I am sick with COVID and am caring for my parents who are also sick with COVID, I ask the media to respect our need for rest and privacy,” he said.
Lisa Montgomery’s half-sister — Diane Mattingly, who was separated from her in 1972 — has taken a more high-profile role in trying to save her life. She has written opinion pieces published in Elle and Newsweek.
When Mattingly attended Montgomery’s sentencing hearing in 2007, which was the first time she had seen her sister in about 35 years, she said Montgomery’s face bore the same look of fear it had when they were separated.
Mattingly said she was fortunate to have been moved to a loving home of high school history teacher and coach Floyd Gwin; his wife, Zella Gwin; and their three biological children.
The family treated Mattingly as one of their own, and gave her a sense of belonging and self-worth, she said. When Floyd Gwin died last July at age 81, Mattingly was listed among the survivors in his obituary. Zella Gwin survives.
Mattingly has enjoyed a “blessed life,” she said.
She lives in Lebanon, Ky., is married with two adult children and has worked the past 19 years for the state of Kentucky.
“Being loved unconditionally helped me heal, find a caring husband and raise two children who have hearts of gold,” Mattingly wrote. “While my path to healing was very hard, the difference between Lisa and me is that no one ever intervened to rescue Lisa from a lifetime of abuse.”
Mattingly’s biggest regret, she said, is that she didn’t tell her foster family about being beaten and raped, because she feared they wouldn’t want her any more if she did.
“If I did speak up, maybe Zella and Floyd would have gone back for Lisa,” she wrote. “Maybe she could have been saved, too.”
More: Only woman on federal death row asks President Trump to be a ‘hero,’ commute her sentence
President Donald Trump can “break the chain of evil” experienced by Montgomery and other members of her family by granting clemency and commuting her sentence to life imprisonment, Mattingly said.
The clemency process enables convicted criminals to request mercy and ask the nation’s executive branch to step in, Henry said. For example, she said, the jury that recommended Montgomery be executed wasn’t asked to consider the impact that would have on her four children and 12 grandchildren.
Likewise, that jury wasn’t directed to consider whether Montgomery was severely mentally ill, which Montgomery’s attorneys are asking the president to take into account.
Henry said there is no question that Montgomery has severe mental illness, noting that federal authorities have administered her antipsychotic medications since her arrest in 2004.
If Mattingly could speak directly to Trump, she said, she would tell him: “Please don’t take my sister. She was broken by people who were supposed to be her caregivers. She needs someone for once in her life to be on her side.”
This article originally appeared on Topeka Capital-Journal: Lisa Montgomery’s federal execution nears, killed woman, cut out baby
A North Carolina man was accused Thursday of kidnapping and killing a 4-year-old girl who vanished from her South Carolina home 35 years ago, authorities said.
Dallas police have asked for help to find a woman accused in a New Year’s Day sexual assault of a child.
Jason Jones, 29, died at a New York hospital in December.
A resurfaced clip of Elizabeth Olsen responding to a rude question about her sisters, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, is going viral on Twitter.
Rey Del Rio/Getty ImagesThe woman who filed a police complaint alleging she was raped repeatedly by former Michigan House speaker Lee Chatfield has been identified as his sister-in-law.The accuser, Rebekah Chatfield, told local outlet Bridge Michigan that the lawmaker had first assaulted her when she was a 15-year-old high school student dating his brother; he was allegedly an adult at the time. The abuse allegedly first took place at Gaylord Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church around 2010. R
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Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata are expecting their first child together after tying the knot in February 2021
Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, and Gwyneth Paltrow have pairs, too.
“I think the gator population has had enough harassment.”
“A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance,” she said. “But I really disagree with most of his views.”
Hair plopping is a drying technique used to enhance curly and wavy hair. People on TikTok are plopping their hair and discovering they actually have a curly hair type.
I embarked on a 4-week challenge and ate vegetables with most of my meals. Here’s how this change made me feel and what my new go-to dishes are.
“Business owners and property owners don’t understand that they are responsible for other peoples’ safety…”
Love-bombing, or showering a new lover with gifts and affection, could be a sign of future manipulation, therapists told Insider.
She was last seen swimming in a Florida river. Almost three weeks later, Paola Miranda-Rosa is still missing.
As the super contagious variant sweeps across the Lowcountry, what symptoms should residents be monitoring?


'Angry and heartsick': Oklahoma game wardens still investigating deaths of whooping cranes

Game wardens are still investigating last month’s shooting deaths of four whooping cranes near the Tom Steed Reservoir in Kiowa County.
Whooping cranes are endangered, with only about 500 of the birds in the wild in North America. It is the tallest bird in North America, standing about 5 feet tall.
On Dec. 15, an injured whooping crane was discovered near the southwestern Oklahoma lake by hunters who notified game wardens with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The whooping crane died while being transported to a veterinary clinic.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s forensics laboratory conducted a necropsy and determined the cause of death as a shotgun wound. A search of the area where the first bird was found led to finding three more dead whooping cranes.
Nathan Erdmann, chief of law enforcement for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, said Thursday that game wardens are following up on leads.
More: Tribes’ hunting and fishing rules mostly mirror Oklahoma’s regulations, but there are differences
“It is still under investigation,” he said. “We are waiting on some search warrant information to come back.”
Erdmann would not say whether investigators think the whooping cranes were mistaken as sandhill cranes by hunters or shot intentionally.
It is sandhill crane hunting season in Oklahoma. Two years ago, state wildlife officials temporarily closed sandhill crane hunting at Hackberry Flat when a whooping crane showed up on the wetland area with a group of sandhill cranes.
Sandhill cranes are gray, stand 3 to 4 feet tall with a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet. Whooping cranes are snowy white with black tips at either end of a 7- to 8-foot wingspan.
In Wisconsin, opponents of a state bill that would open a sandhill crane hunting season are pointing to the shooting deaths of the four whooping cranes in Oklahoma as why it should not be legalized.
Killing a whooping crane can lead to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine under the Endangered Species Act and another $15,000 with up to six months in jail under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, according to the Wildlife Department.
“We are angry and heartsick,” said Rich Beilfuss, president and chief executive officer of the International Crane Foundation, headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
“The International Crane Foundation, along with many partners, has invested millions of dollars and decades of time and expertise to bring whooping cranes back from the brink of extinction. And in an instant four birds are gone forever.”
Whooping cranes migrate through Oklahoma on their way to wintering grounds along the coastal marshes of south Texas, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.
In the past, whooping cranes have been spotted at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, but their main migration path is primarily west of the Oklahoma City area through western Oklahoma.
Most whooping crane sightings in Oklahoma are reported from mid-October through November.
More: Do the dead stick drift: How to catch big stripers in the winter on Lake Texoma
Whooping cranes were charter members of the Endangered Species Act when it was signed in 1973. They are endangered mainly as a result of habitat loss, but unregulated hunting in the early 1900s also contributed to their decline.
At one time, the range for the birds extended throughout midwestern North America. By 1941, there were less than 25 whooping cranes remaining in the wild and perhaps as few as 15.
By the year 2000, the population of whooping cranes had climbed to 180 birds through conservation efforts. Four years ago, a survey of the population of whooping cranes wintering in south Texas climbed to more than 500 for the first time since the late 1800s.
Growing the population is difficult because whooping cranes typically will have only two eggs per year. On average, only one chick will survive from that clutch.
Whooping cranes can live to be 20 to 25 years old, but they don’t mate until they are 7 years old, and the chicks and fledglings suffer high mortality on nesting grounds, according to the International Crane Foundation.
The four deaths in Oklahoma are the most whooping cranes ever killed at one time in a poaching incident, according to the foundation.
“We can’t bring back these four, but we can bring the perpetrators to justice,” Beilfuss said in a prepared statement. “We can redouble our efforts to protect whooping cranes along their hazardous migration routes.
“We can expand our cooperative work with hunters and hunting groups to increase awareness of whooping crane presence. And we can continue to be the voice and act for whooping cranes on their wintering grounds in Texas and through reintroduction efforts.”
More: ‘If it’s not a 180, it’s close to it:’ Oklahoma Wildlife Department shifts bass management strategy
Oklahoma’s 114 game wardens in the field are now equipped with body cameras.
The cameras are fully functioning smartphones using a software application from Visual Labs, a California software company. The device can also function as a digital camera, an audio recorder and a personnel locator.
“We have a phone contract with Firstnet, an AT&T service for first responders and that body camera is an app that is installed on that phone for Firstnet,” Erdmann said.
“Basically, as soon as the video is taken and they have cell phone signal, it gets uploaded into a secure government cloud storage that we can access. As soon as it is uploaded I can watch it up here in the office (in Oklahoma City).”
Game wardens are instructed to use the cameras anytime they have interaction with the public, Erdmann said.
“It’s not changing anything that we do,” he said. “It’s just adding protection for the wardens out in the field against false claims.”
Reporter Ed Godfrey looks for stories that impact your life. Be it news, outdoors, sports — you name it, he wants to report it. Have a story idea? Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter @EdGodfrey. Support his work and that of other Oklahoman journalists by purchasing a digital subscription today.
This article originally appeared on Oklahoman: Oklahoma game wardens still investigating deaths of whooping cranes
Wolf advocates fear the Yellowstone death toll will climb even higher with months still to go in the hunting season and wolf trapping season just starting.
The woman dubbed the “Hollywood Madam” when she was accused in the mid-1990s of running a Los Angeles prostitution ring said she is moving out of a southern Nevada town where she has lived for about 15 years. Heidi Fleiss told the Pahrump Valley Times she is angry that someone shot one of her cherished pet parrots with a pellet gun just before Christmas.
For the first time in years, Víctor Escobar stopped taking most of the medicines needed for his lung disease. On Friday evening, he became the first Colombian to be euthanized despite not yet being in terminal condition.
“I wonder how much Dave Ramsey would have charged for the feeding of the multitude/miracle of the loaves and fishes?” one critic writes
Dr. Hamidi-AzarAn Afghan infant who went missing after his desperate parents handed him over to a soldier amid frenzied evacuation efforts outside the Kabul airport over the summer has finally been located.Sohail Ahmadi had been missing since Aug. 19. Reuters reported on Saturday that the boy has been found after apparently spending the last several months being taken care of by a Kabul taxi driver.“The baby was located in Kabul where a 29-year-old taxi driver named Hamid Safi had found him in t
“I don’t know why you’re sitting there saying, ‘What went wrong?'” Northam told a reporter. “This was a storm that we haven’t seen for a long time.”
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Farmington Police have named the man accused of shooting a Farmington officer and identified the officer, who is being treated at an area hospital.
In 2018, the owners of Finders Keepers found a substantial mass of metal after searching for an 1863 shipment of Union gold for years.
Rey Del Rio/Getty ImagesThe woman who filed a police complaint alleging she was raped repeatedly by former Michigan House speaker Lee Chatfield has been identified as his sister-in-law.The accuser, Rebekah Chatfield, told local outlet Bridge Michigan that the lawmaker had first assaulted her when she was a 15-year-old high school student dating his brother; he was allegedly an adult at the time. The abuse allegedly first took place at Gaylord Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church around 2010. R
Dozens gathered at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames on Thursday. Most expressed opposition to Navigator CO2 Venture’s plans.
She and a co-conspirator, both from the Atlanta area, pulled off the scheme in 24 states over seven years, prosecutors say.
On July 10, 2002, the generally tranquil aura of Columbia, South Carolina was punctured by flames. Early that morning, two people called authorities to report a fire burning on the side of the road. When firefighters arrived they realized it was a body that was aflame — a nude woman who had been shot in the head and set on fire. “I noticed right away her leg was kind of deformed, like it had been shot in half,” Dave McRobert, a captain with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department told “Twisted
Vaughxx Booker said two white men threatened to lynch him last year at Lake Monroe. He is now facing felony charges in connection to the incident.
A vaccination for every man (but not his dog)? AP Photo/J. Scott ApplewhiteConservative justices on the Supreme Court appeared to signal a belief that the Biden administration may have overreached in ordering private companies to require that staff be vaccinated or subject to regular testing. But a separate requirement that health care workers at institutions receiving federal funds be immunized may be judged to be on firmer legal ground. Oral arguments over just how far the federal government c
A 32-year-old Black veteran and father of three was shot and killed in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this week after a road rage confrontation with a […]
The political warrior who’s been dubbed “Bush’s Brain” said patriotism demands that Republicans condemn the Jan. 6 riots at the nation’s Capitol.
New York City mayor Eric Adams has reportedly appointed his brother, Bernard Adams, to the position of deputy commissioner in […] The post NYC Mayor Eric Adams names younger brother deputy NYPD commissioner, raising more concerns about conflicts of interest appeared first on TheGrio.
New York Giants OT Nate Solder will earn a $1 million incentive for a reason that is extremely hard to believe.
How does Bart Scott feel about Ben Roethlisberger? I guess this tells you what you need to know.


Turkmenistan's leader wants 'Gates of Hell' fire put out

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) — The president of Turkmenistan is calling for an end to one of the country’s most notable but infernal sights — the blazing natural gas crater widely referred to as the “Gates of Hell.”
The desert crater located about 260 kilometers (160 miles) north of the capital, Ashgabat, has burned for decades and is a popular sight for the small number of tourists who come to Turkmenistan, a country which is difficult to enter.
The Turkmen news site Turkmenportal said a 1971 gas-drilling collapse formed the crater, which is about 60 meters (190 feet) in diameter and 20 meters (70 feet) deep. To prevent the spread of gas, geologists set a fire, expecting the gas to burn off in a few weeks.
The spectacular if unwelcome fire that has burned ever since is so renowned that state TV showed President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov speeding around it in an off-road truck in 2019.
But Berdymukhamedov has ordered his government to look for ways to put the fire out because it is causing ecological damage and affecting the health of people living in the area, state newspaper Neitralny Turkmenistan reported Saturday.
The site, a fire burning for decades in a huge desert gas crater, is a popular tourist attraction.
Turkmenistan’s strongman president has ordered the ‘Gateway to Hell’ to be closed as he demanded a giant desert crater that has been on fire for decades be extinguished.
The letter, dated Friday, was sent to dealers nationwide.
The engineer trying to stabilize the Millennium Tower, a luxury residential skyscraper in San Francisco that is sinking into the ground and now leaning over
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Demi Moore’s daughter Scout Willis certainly gave us an end-of-the-year surprise with her new video. Back in late Dec 2021, Scout posted a video onto her Instagram with the caption, “I blame all the Wim Hoff breathing.” But everyone is losing it over the naked video of her in snow. During the Moore-Willis getaway Christmas […]
Oklahoma game wardens still investigating deaths of whooping cranes
Last November, China’s Yutu-2 lunar rover spotted something curious on the far side of the moon. The image was blurry, but it was unmistakable: The object looked like a cube sitting on the moon’s surface. Its shape looked too precise to be just a moon rock — perhaps something left by visiting aliens like the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” China’s space authorities called it the “mystery hut.” Others called it the “moon cube.” Yutu-2 was sent for a closer look, and at the
She felt betrayed by her husband’s choice.
Five years ago, Austin Russell knocked on doors in Orlando to ask homeowners if he could buy their house. The CEO of Orlando-based Luminar Technologies Inc. wanted a home as close as possible to the autonomous vehicle sensor firm’s east Orlando facility. The business Russell founded 10 years ago has turned into a publicly traded company with 750 employees, including 400 in Orlando.
A TikTok featuring Japan’s first and only fitness-themed bar primarily featuring muscular women bartenders has gone viral. Patricia O’Connor, who goes by the TikTok handle @whatthepato, shared a video of her experience at a fitness-themed bar, Muscle Girls, a week ago, and it has since gone viral with over 8 million views and more than 2 million likes, as of this writing. The bar is located in Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, Japan.
From savory popcorn mixes to sweet dessert-like breakfasts, these foods helped me further my health journey and stay on track while feeling satisfied.
First, develop a plan (some might call it a budget), said Robert Gilliland, managing director and senior wealth adviser at Concenture Wealth  Take into consideration every single possible expense you anticipate after your husband dies, and buy ios reviews account for inflation as well. You can break these expenses down into the short term, such as one to five years, the intermediate term, which would be the six- to 10-year span, and the long term, or beyond 10 years.
Fairly often, TikTok will be speechless over New York City apartment options.
Some 1,000 vehicles were trapped during a blizzard in the town of Murree, the interior minister says.
Most of the attention yesterday went to President Joe Biden’s speech attacking Donald Trump for sending his goons to derail democracy, but we also learned an extremely important detail about Vice President Kamala Harris: she was inside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters when a live bomb was found. Harris, still a U.S. Senator while she was veep-elect, said at the top of her own speech on Thursday that she was in the Capitol for a briefing from the Senate Intelligence Committee hour
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A strong overnight earthquake shook a sparsely populated area in western China early Saturday and forced the suspension of high-speed rail service because of tunnel damage, authorities said. Four people with minor injuries in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County had been treated and released, officials told a news conference. The magnitude 6.9 quake struck at 1:45 a.m. in a mountainous part of Qinghai province that is 3,659 meters (12,000 feet) above sea level.
Volkswagen will show a production version of its long-awaited ID.Buzz, an electric reincarnation of its beloved Microbus or Kombi, on March 9 and plans to launch it in the United States in late 2023, the company said on Friday. The ID.Buzz is one of “the most anticipated and most hyped” models anticipated from the Volkswagen brand since the company launched its new Beetle in the late 1990s, Scott Keogh, head of Volkswagen’s North American operations said during a media call.eeaso Volkswagen Chief Executive Herbert Diess tweeted on Thursday “The legend returns on 03/09/22!” The tweet contained a sketch of the profile of the ID.Buzz van.
Jason Jones, 29, died at a New York hospital in December.

Why most fishermen don’t like to eat fish

Many friends who do not fish may not know the fact that most anglers do not like to eat fish, especially those who like freshwater fishing.

There are three main reasons for this. First, there are too many fish to eat. Second, most fish caught in the wild have parasites. Third, some fish are abnormal fish.

Especially in recent years, fishing circles have promoted the release of catches, so most of the serious freshwater anglers don’t eat the catches they catch. Then the three reasons for not eating fish are specific. It is how it happened?

Reason 1: There are too many fish and it’s too much trouble to clean up, so I can’t finish it at all.

If there are no banned waters in the wild, no man-powered fish, net fish, in fact, the probability of wild fishing wanting the air force is very low, because most anglers implement such a concept.

If you don’t have a big fish, you can catch a small fish. If you don’t have a small fish, you can catch a river prawn. You can’t catch anything. Filling a bottle with water is equivalent to a catch. Serve some crucian carp, white strips, wheat ears, it’s really not difficult at all.

But the problem is also coming. These little fish are very troublesome to pick up. The process of scraping the scales, removing the gills, and washing is three hours, five minutes for the entrance, once or twice is acceptable, the frequency is too much, and it is annoying.

So that the neighbors and loved ones of some fishing friends will be bored to death by the large number of small fishes.

Therefore, many anglers simply choose three or five larger catches from the catches, which seem worth showing off, and all the others are released back home, each looking for their own mothers.

Reason two, there are parasites, rotten gills, red skin disease, etc.

I don’t know if it is the water quality or other reasons. In the past two years, the fish caught in the wild, parasites and all kinds of strange fish diseases have been seen almost every time.

For example, trichodes, dactylum, and Niujiang head tapeworm, these are still common, uncommon, such as gill cryptoworm, mouth silkworm, fish louse, oblique tubeworm, coccidia, small melon worm, tongue cup worm, There are more than twenty kinds of parasites such as sucker worms.

Most of these parasites are parasitic on the gills of fish. However, any fish caught have white gills and ulcers. Basically, there is a great possibility of parasites.

There are also quite a few parasites living in the body and tail of the fish. As long as there are signs of red and white blood streaks, redness, swelling, and pus on the fish, the parasites are basically not gone.

Black pit fish, mostly farmed fish in ponds, will be exterminated and disinfected from time to time, so sick fish are mostly injured, inflammation, or skin diseases.

As for the fish in the wild, there are all kinds of parasites. A fisherman caught a big-bellied crucian in the wild. The shape was very strange. The belly of the fish was cut open, and it was a tongue-shaped tapeworm. He would never fish again. Up.

Although most of these parasites will be killed by high temperature after cooking at high temperature, it is self-evident in terms of the degree of nausea.

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Reason 3: Deformed fish breeds from various chemical raw materials

Once upon a time, industrial waste and domestic waste began to flood into various natural and artificial waters, so that among the golden fishing spots of anglers, there was a rather helpless fishing spot, which was the gathering place of floating rubbish on the water surface.

All kinds of garbage that are discharged into the waters intentionally or unintentionally have a very serious impact on the fish, and the slightest one is heavy metal pollution.

For example, many wild fish we catch have a strong diesel smell when they eat it. This is chemical substances and heavy metals polluting the waters. Because fish have no metabolic organs, they are all deposited in the body. When we eat these fish , There is a strong diesel smell.

The more serious ones are some deformed fish, one or two like the relatives of Cthulhu. They look strange as they are. Just like Stephen Zhou said, they will talk about whether they taste good or not, they are so deformed. At a glance, I lost my appetite.

Of course, there may be other reasons why anglers are reluctant to eat fish. However, the above three reasons have the greatest and most impact on anglers. Therefore, it is really no wonder that anglers don’t like to eat fish. Weird.

What are the effective techniques for fishing crucian carp in winter?

A kind of love fish has different hearts. In winter wild fishing, there are few freshwater fish that are easy to open. Crucian carp is one of the many freshwater fish that can still open well. Therefore, fishing friends go out fishing in winter, mainly fishing for crucian carp. So, what are the useful methods for fishing crucian carp in winter? Below are four very effective techniques for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

First: choose the right time. In winter fishing, the time for fish to open is relatively short every day, mainly at noon and afternoon when the temperature is relatively high, so anglers should try to fish at noon and afternoon. In addition, changes in winter weather have a great impact on fish mouths. If you want to catch fish, anglers should try their best to fish in continuous and stable weather.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

Second: look for fish nests. In winter, due to the low water temperature, crucian carp has a small range of activity, and it often hides in a certain area at the bottom of the water in clusters. It is particularly important to find fish nests for crucian carp. In winter, crucian carp like to hide in areas with a lot of aquatic plants and dead branches. If there is a slow current and gentle slope nearby, it is an excellent location for crucian fishing, because this kind of location has sufficient food and oxygen, which is the favorite place for crucian carp to gather. place.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

Third: Playing nests to lure fish. Once you find a fish nest, you have to lure the fish to the fishing spot so that the fish can eat bait in the fishing spot. This needs to be achieved through nesting. There are three main methods of nesting in wild fishing for crucian carp: one is to nest with rice wine; the other is to nest with sand artillery; and the third is to directly draw the nest with bait. The three methods of nesting have various advantages and disadvantages. Anglers should choose the type of nesting material according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, in winter wild fishing for crucian carp, the north is mainly used to make nests with rice and wine, and the main is to pull bait and draw nests in the south.

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Fourth: bait selection. In winter wild fishing for crucian carp, there are two main types of bait used for hooking, one is pull bait and the other is live bait. Pull bait can be divided into pure pasta bait and pasta plus red worm bait; live bait can be divided into two types: earthworm and bloodworm. In winter fishing for crucian carp in the north, the best fishing effect is with the bloodworm hook. In the southern region, you can use the corresponding bait according to the actual temperature.

Four tips for wild fishing for crucian carp in winter

In summary, these are the four core points of winter fishing for crucian carp. If anglers can integrate them and use them flexibly, they can achieve better fishing results. No matter what kind of nest material is used, small fishing drugs are also indispensable, especially powerful food-promoting small fishing drugs, such as Fuyu Xiangdopa salt and fish alfa, one to promote hunger, and the other to enhance fish’s vitality , Two-pronged approach, excellent effect, specific usage and dosage can refer to the formula below.